Affirmative action essay board of directors

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Many of these instances take place during the daily operations of business. The objective of this paper is to highlight the concept of affirmative action in the workplace, and explain why one person of gender or race would be hired over another more qualified for the position just to fulfill hiring requirements, while using Kantian and Utilitarian ethical theories to justify each side of the issue. Affirmative action policies can be described as any policies that attempt to actively dismantle institutionalized or informal cultural norms and systems of inscriptive group-based disadvantages, and the inequalities historically resulting from them.

Affirmative action essay board of directors

University of California students campaign to win back affirmative action Oakland, California Fabiola Tafolla. What is the current diversity situation for students in the UC system? The situation of diversity in higher education has never been good.

Before Prop and SP1 and SP2, diversity was already at a low simply because higher education is not accessible for a lot of students who come from communities of color, for low income students and others.

However, in an era which is post, post-Standing Policy 1, and post-Standing Policy 2 the numbers have declined drastically. The face of diversity at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels has been severely cut.

Now that was not a lot better, but you can tell from ten percent to. Overall in the UC system there has been about a fifty percent drop in students of color.

Affirmative action essay board of directors

Overall, the drops have been severe and the entering students of color are oftentimes being admitted to the UC system but not the whole UC system - just, for example, UC Irvine and UC Riverside. What are the Standing Policies and when were the Standing Policies enacted?

Both policies acted against affirmative action. Specifically, SP1 was to do with enrollment and admissions, and SP2 had to do with contracting and hiring.

A technicality of SP1 and SP2 versus Prop is that the Board of Regents is the governing body for the UC system and therefore is not accountable to the laws passed by the legislature.

They are only accountable to the constitution of the state.

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So, they could repeal SP1 and SP2 and in fact have affirmative action be in place in spite of Prop What is the status of affirmative action? It will be soon be five years since the passage of SP1 and SP2.

Since then what the UC system has tried to do is come up with programs that attempt to appease the students or give some semblance of outreach to communities of color.

So, in terms of affirmative action, Ward Connerly is alive and well on the Board of Regents. What is the new UCSA campaign to bring affirmative action back?

Students of color have not forgotten what this has meant to the UC system and to access to education. We would like any of the three ex-oficio members -- Governor Gray Davis, the lieutenant governor Cruz Bustamante, Antonio Villaragosa -- to bring it back to the table. Or for any of the regents to do so.

We are going to put pressure on the board of regents to repeal SP1 and SP2 and in effect bring back affirmative action in the UC system. We have a wide range of ways that we want to do this. Our tactics range from guerrilla theater on different campuses, to letter writing campaigns and post card drives.

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We also want to gather the support of the UC Chancellors, lobby elected officials like Gray Davis, Bustamante, and others to pressure them to be champions of affirmative action in the UC system.

Once we feel that we have the votes in place we hope to have one of the friendlier regents introduce it as something to vote on so that ultimately they can repeal SP1 and SP2 by the end of the academic year. Is the Board any different from what it was five years ago?

The board is a little different from five years ago. They are elected to twelve year terms so a lot of the same folks are still in place.

In support of affirmative action, July How does this new campaign fit into the national efforts both for and against affirmative action? I think that California in general is a trend-setter in terms of legislation and unfortunately we saw that with prop and of course prop We also know that Ward Connerly has been traveling throughout the country pushing anti-affirmative action stands.

We have been trying to work in solidarity with other students throughout the country, in New York, in Wisconsin, and in general to defend affirmative action and in some cases bring back affirmative action. We, of course, have our own ongoing campaign but also we are working on a national level with different state student associations.

Some members of our UCSA board of directors sit on the board of directors of the USSA but we also maintain contact with community and grassroots organizations within the state.

How do you see all of this fitting into the civil rights movement as a whole?Affirmative Action Essay Sample. Introduction. Affirmative action is policies that institutions engage actively in for them to improve on the opportunities for groups . Find A+ essays, research papers, book notes, course notes and writing tips.

Millions of students use StudyMode to jumpstart their assignments. Nicole Butts, SPHR, Berkshire’s Training Manager, is now a member of the Greater Los Angeles Industry Liaison Group (GLAILG) Board of Directors. The group provides networking opportunities with other federal contractors, allows for closer interaction and direct guidance from the EEOC and OFCCP regarding regulatory requirements, and conducts technical assistance seminars throughout the year.

Does anyone know if an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is required; and if yes, does it actually need Board approval, as well as Board approval on an annual basis? Thank you! November 14, The majority of women we spoke with would thus like to see U.S.

companies take a more proactive approach. This was especially true for female board directors who had also served as CEOs. Is Affirmative Action consistent with Brown v. Board of Education on - Law, Essay - academicpanther, ID - Studybay uses cookies to ensure that .

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