Assignment 4 bringing it altogether

Bringing It Altogether Due Week 10 and worth points Write a ten to twelve page paper in which you:

Assignment 4 bringing it altogether

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For the midterm, we built a maproom that housed and visualized data profiles for two cities on the proposed HSR network—Los Angeles and Anaheim. Utilizing real-time API feeds in conjunction with native Google Maps API coding and Google Earth layer authoring, we incorporated built form photographs, existing transit stops, and current real estate data into our visualization of the half-mile area around these two future stations.

The final product effectively the second phase of our project fully develops six chosen station area profiles by including data generated on desktop ArcMap, including density, demographics, job market information, and land uses. These macro-level data allow stakeholders to quickly compare key statistics associated with station area urban form and morphology.

Mar 27,  · Assignment 6: Processing Multispectral Imagery steps for value added data analysis from assignment 4 were used in conjunction with the data from this assignment. Segmenting the imagery in ArcGIS Pro was done by bringing in the . THE FILM /5 “This operation is a reminder of the terrible thing you did. This is your opportunity for redemption.” Legendary director Walter Hill gives the revenge film a modern neo-noir twist with this electrifying thriller. Do Brands Have Finite Lives? Often, after a brand begins to slip in the marketplace or disappears altogether, commentators observe, “All brands have their day,” implying brands have a finite life and cannot be expected to be leaders forever.

If resources allow, the project will also include integration of public transit facilities and data—but only if the team deems the amount of data extant as sufficient for inclusion. As it was prior to the midterm, the unit of analysis is the half-mile HSR station area, but data communication is not limited to any scale.

Unlike the midterm, the final project will include future data projections as well as current conditions. Updated Wireframe and Mock-up The midterm allowed us to get a better sense of what is within the realm of possibility for the final project. As such, we have revised our wireframes and mock-up to reflect our collective programming abilities.

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Because each maproom will be a different URL, we can more easily place the links to each station page as buttons at the top. This leaves the sidebar to the left open for an accordian-style menu that will hold all the station-area data.

Our mock-up demonstrates how this will roughly look, with various colors corresponding to the different functionalities of the site.

Assignment 4 bringing it altogether

Our wireframe has also changed to show how each page will independently load the appropriate Google Earth-authored KMZ files and ArcMap authored layers published via ArcServer.

Within the accordian-style menus, it will be possible to toggle between current and future data. Status The project is currently in a regrouping phase as we shed the API elements of the midterm, which skim the surface of present-day station conditions, and begin implementing the high-level data processing capabilities that ArcMap integration provides.

Dave and Kimberly currently are organizing recently obtained raw data and shapefiles containing housing, population, employment, and land use information for our six stations. Once these files have been finalized in ArcMap form, the team will begin bringing them into our final maproom in the coming weeks.

Hopefully the team can come up with a way to spread the workload so that Dave and Kimberly do not have to do all of the data-based map layer authoring. The final foreseeable issue involves the integration of transit information.Assignment 3: Stakeholder Analysis and Annotated Bibliography: Identifying Conversations Overview: A first step before making a reasoned argument (Assignment 4) is to listen to the conversation.

In our daily lives, issues are often framed for us as dichotomies, with two sides, a. Saddam's Polarizing Death. bringing the total for December to Americans dead and making the month the bloodiest of At least a year ago, the U.S. military determined that the war in.

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May 09,  · The final chapter of The Return of the Real by Hal Foster gives a critical account of poststructuralism’s relationship with otherness. Foster’s perspicacious comments are striking considering what we see happening now, described in today’s papers as, “ a 21st-century civil war.

Romans Final. Western Civilization I. In this assignment your challenge will be to compose a 3 page essay giving detailed information on the variety of causes for the fall of the Roman Empire and compare it to our society today.

There are a number of different functions of corporate finances, some of which are stated below: A very major function performed by the corporate finance is the process of the investment of the funds in a proper way so as to extract adequate amounts of profit and then further following it .

Assignment 4 bringing it altogether

Aug 06,  · Assignment 4: Altered book August 6, Uncategorized edwardevans1 For this assignment we were asked to find a book, and then alter the appearance of the pages to create a volume that is personal to us.

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