Automated voting system thesis documentation


Automated voting system thesis documentation

Most establishments, corporations and institutions had developed their own use of such technology to help themselves work more efficiently with less time and effort, resulting in better production, profit, and a more satisfied clientele.

Lan Based Student Council Voting System | Tabamo Jayson Philbert Ted C. Tabal October Acknowledgement Foremost, the researchers would like to express the sincere gratitude to all those people who give their time to help in making this thesis study.
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Computerized student council voting system | Free source code, tutorials and articles The requirements of the most significant changes occurred, it has been from the vaccination namely.
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One example of computer technology is the creation of a computer system. A system that will help personnel work more efficiently especially in accessing and retrieving data in and less time as possible.

Automated Election is a system appropriate technology which has been demonstrated in the voting, counting, consolidating, Automated voting system thesis documentation and transmission of election results and other electoral processes.

The purpose of an Automated Election System is to deliver state of the art technology that is both efficient, allowing electoral authorities to utilize the benefits of a computerized system and also practical, maintaining the basic principles that the voters and election personnel are accustomed to.

This solution makes use of the latest technologies that allow electoral authorities to complete counting and canvassing processes in a matter of hours, a task that traditionally took days.

The system automates the scanning counting, consolidation and transmission of the votes, in a secure and traceable manner, reducing the chance of human error, tampering or fraud attempts and increases the integrity of the elections.

Election is a beginning and an ending. A beginning of hope and an end of sacrifices. People have the ability to change our world by using the automated electoral system mechanisms which significantly reduce the chances of errors, because vote counting is based on an internal machine count rather than on individual ballots.

It is an activity wherein each student is required to choose from a set of candidates who will represent each position in the Student Council. This institution had already conducted College Student Council Election of officers. It was evident unfortunately that the turnover of these said elections has a problem indeed.

Computerized student council voting system | Free source code, tutorials and articles

The creation of CSC Automated Election will help the school to make the work a lot easier and more effective because of the automation of tally of votes of students during the election period. Using computers, they would be the one to tally and transmit the votes without human intervention.

Statement of the Problem This study aims to solve the following problems. Security of the votes of the students as well as the candidates. The counting of votes in CSC election results to time consuming due to volumes of paper.

Automated voting system thesis documentation

Miscounts of votes and erroneous counting of result due to the volumes of papers use in manual procedures. Invalid votes are evident that there is problem in the counting procedure of the students. Create a module that student will log in and will vote in a fast, easy secure and no hassle free.

Create a module that automatically counts the number of votes per candidates once students finished voting. Create a module that will generate needed result that reduces the chances of errors, because vote counting is based on an internal machine count rather than human intervention.

Create a module that will standardize voting in such a way that they will just click the candidate they choose and save it, to minimize invalid votes. Scope and Delimitation The researchers has anticipated covering in their study and program a system that is designed solely for College Student Council election only, the system could append instantly voters and candidates and would be responsible for counting the votes.

The system was configured for at least network computers. The system also has the capability to release required reports regarding the list of voters, candidates and the canvassing result and the system is designed with a user security access level in some services.

The researchers also made some limitations to their study; the list of courses is already predefined in the system upon when a voter or student is registered. Student that officially registered as voter can only vote.

A candidate must first apply as candidate before registering as a voter. Likewise, through the use of the system, the council can easily make some adjustments on how, when and who are the students that they need to turn over the position that they have. Institution- because volumes of paper and human effort can lessen in canvassing the votes and electoral fraud will be eliminated.

Instructors- because there is no hassle for them assigning in every precincts as a committee on election. Students- because their time in voting will be lessen and they will be having an assurance that their vote are counted.

Likewise they can easily know the result of the election.

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Candidates — because their votes will be secured and minimizes errors such as writing their names in a wrong position. Researcher- because it can help them as a guide to enhance more from their future thesis. Lan Based Voting System Version 2.The Student Council Voting System is not a Student Council‟s traditional way of voting system; it‟s drastic departure from the existing system.

It is designed to take us through the novice user of the proposed software and it is designed as user friendly environment to know abruptly the command or syntax of the/5(8). Ratunil ) Their voting system is composed of a well secured and user-friendly system that makes their Student Council reliable.

this ultimately leads to a more dynamic and vibrant studentpolitics in Mindanao State University/4(18). Online Voting System Thesis Proposal.

Topics: Voting Automated ballot vote Introduction: The manual voting system of Datamex Institute Of Computer Technology Lucena Branch lacks the advantages of a Graphical User Interface that the Windows OS could offer. Chapter I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study The Philippines is now moving towards automating the national election through the use of Smartmatic Auditable Election System (SAES) which is a fully-automated, electronic voting system.

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering automated electronic voting system. It starts with automated registration system that will provide the secured database of the voters’ information.

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Documents Similar To Voting System Thesis. Thesis Documentation(Final Na Final) Uploaded by. Jayson Mañaol. e-voting system.4/4(18).

Automated voting system thesis documentation