Bernard of clairvoux

Bernard was the third of seven children, six of whom were sons.

Bernard of clairvoux

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His parents were Tescelin, lord of Fontaines, and Aleth of Montbard, both belonging to the highest nobility of Burgundy. Bernard, the third of a family of seven children, six of whom were sons, was educated with particular care, because, while yet unborn, a devout man had foretold his great destiny.

At the age of nine years, Bernard was sent to a much renowned school at Chatillon-sur-Seine, kept by the secular canons of Saint-Vorles.

He had a great taste for literature and devoted himself for some time to poetry. His success in his studies won the admiration of his masters, and his growth in virtue was no less marked.

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Bernard's great desire was to excel in literature in order to take up the study of Sacred Scripturewhich later on became, as it were, his own tongue.

He had a special devotion to the Bernard of clairvoux Virginand there is no one who speaks more sublimely of the Queen of Heaven.

Bernard of clairvoux

Bernard was scarcely nineteen years of age when his mother died. During his youth, he did not escape trying temptationsbut his virtue triumphed over them, in many instances in a heroic manner, and from this time he thought of retiring from the world and living a life of solitude and prayer.

Benedict in all its rigour. Returning to Molesmes, he left the government of the new abbey to St. Alberic, who died in the year Three years later, St. From that moment a strong friendship sprang up between the abbot and the bishopwho was professor of theology at Notre Dame of Parisand the founder of the cloister of St.

The beginnings of Clairvaux were trying and painful. The regime was so austere that Bernard's health was impaired by it, and only the influence of his friend William of Champeauxand the authority of the General Chapter could make him mitigate his austerities.

The monasteryhowever, made rapid progress. Disciples flocked to it in great numbers, desirous of putting themselves under the direction of Bernard. His father, the aged Tescelin, and all his brothers entered Clairvaux as religious, leaving only Humbeline, his sister, in the world and she, with the consent of her husband, soon took the veil in the Benedictine Convent of Jully.

Bernard of clairvoux

Clairvaux becoming too small for the religious who crowded there, it was necessary to send out bands to found new houses. This was the occasion of the longest, and most touching of Bernard's letters. Though not yet thirty years old, Bernard was listened to with the greatest attention and respect, especially when he developed his thoughts upon the revival of the primitive spirit of regularity and fervour in all the monastic orders.

It was this general chapter that gave definitive form to the constitutions of the order and the regulations of the "Charter of Charity" which Pope Callixtus II confirmed 23 December, For this reason there was a temptation on the part of the "Black Monks" to make it appear that the rules of the new order were impracticable.

At the solicitation of William of St. ThierryBernard defended himself by publishing his "Apology" which is divided into two parts. In the first part he proves himself innocent of the invectives against Cluny, which had been attributed to him, and in the second he gives his reasons for his attack upon averred abuses.

He protests his profound esteem for the Benedictines of Cluny whom he declares he loves equally as well as the other religious orders. Peter the Venerable, Abbot of Cluny, answered the Abbot of Clairvaux without wounding charity in the least, and assured him of his great admiration and sincere friendship.St.

Bernard de Clairvaux: St. Bernard de Clairvaux, Cistercian monk and mystic, the founder and abbot of the abbey of Clairvaux and one of the most influential churchmen of his time.

Welcome to the Parish of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Welcome to St. Bernard of Clairvaux Parish! We hope you will find a genuine spiritual home with us. Reflection. Bernard’s life in the Church was more active than we can imagine possible today.

His efforts produced far-reaching results. But he knew that they would have availed little without the many hours of prayer and contemplation that brought him strength and heavenly direction.

bernard catholic school is now accepting applications for school year. Please contact the office to set up a tour - () Welcome to St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School. During an absence from Clairvaux, the Grand Prior of Cluny, Bernard of Uxells, sent by the Prince of Priors, to use the expression of Bernard, went to Clairvaux and enticed away the abbot's cousin, Robert of Châtillon.

This was the occasion of the longest, and most touching of Bernard's letters. bernard's annual carnival October 4 Thank you to every single person that gave of their time and effort to help make this a fun filled family and community event.

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