Han china vs imperial rome political essay

Many institutions were set up to settle legal disputes, and Roman law appeared in every town governed by the empire. The influence of Roman law would long outlast the empire.

Han china vs imperial rome political essay

Both had a central ruler, yet they were different in the ways used to control citizens and the handling of internal conflict. Han China and Imperial Rome were similar yet different in the topic of rulers. Both empires had one main figurehead.

With Han China it was the emperor, while in Rome it was the republic leader.

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One big difference in the rule of the two main rulers was the lower class voice. In Han China the lower class had no say in political affairs.

While in Rome the lower class had representatives in the senate, which would transfer their thoughts to the main ruler.

The reason for the difference in the lower class might date back to the beginning of the empires. In early China it was always aristocrats that held all power, this idea system carried on for a long part of Chinese history.

While since the start of the Roman Empire, the lower class always had some form of power. This idea carried on for all of the Roman Empire.

Another difference in the two empires rulers were how they were chosen. In Han China all emperors were chosen by family ties. In Rome the rulers were voted in. The methods used to control citizens in the two empires varied slightly. Both empires used religion to keep order. In Han china religion was used because of the exams system relying so much on Confucianism.

In Rome the people were scared of the Gods, which led them to behave in fear of being killed by them. The reason people held the exam system to such a high standard is due to the fact that it is the only option for middle class people to get into the Bureaucracy system.

So many of the people learned and practiced Confucianism which taught peace and good behavior. In Rome the Gods were known for striking down any that angered them.

An event as simple as a house fire could be brought back to the Gods. The two empires differ in how they kept the people liking the government. In China they used the Mandate to Heaven.

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In Rome the rulers took a different approach of treating their people well. Other than the slaves everyone in Rome were relatively well treated. Both empires used social classes to unite their people. In China the rulers used a class of highly trained bureaucrats.

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Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty (Traditional Chinese: 漢朝) emerged as a principal power in East Asia in BCE after the fall of the Qin Dynasty in BCE. They pioneered a political system and social structure in China that lasted for almost 2, years.

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Han China vs Imperial Rome Political Essay Sample. Belief systems experienced manipulation by the governments of Han China ( BCE CE) and Imperial Rome (31 BCE – CE) as influences to control their empires, but whereas the Chinese selected adequately trained people for government to ensure the success of their .

The Han Dynasty regardbouddhiste.com Roman Empire The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of China had many similarities and differences.

Many of these similarities and differences were political, social, and economical.

Han china vs imperial rome political essay

Some of the similarities included the resemblances of political figures, the role of women, and the parallels in each empire’s trade.

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