Lab 25 equation writing and predicting products answers to 4

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Lab 25 equation writing and predicting products answers to 4

lab 25 equation writing and predicting products answers to 4

Types of Chemical Reactions Lab Demos students As explained in the previous section the stations are set up around the room into a separate stations. Students spend approximately 4 minutes at a station before told to move the next station.

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During the time at each station should need to accomplish the task that is written on each instruction sheet, write down the chemical equation, take notes, provided evidence for a chemical reaction and clean up the station see student work.

This is initially a lot for students to do in a 4 minutes, but after 2 stations they get the hang of the procedures and complete the task in the allotted time. Before starting the lab I demonstrate the pattern that will be followed. This can very easily over looked but can make the difference between confusion and a successful lab.

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I also tell students that must remain at the lab station till time is given. I let them know that they can work on finishing previous stations information, such as classifying reaction, from the data that was collecting. I also urge them to look at the front page of their lab report and use the evidence for chemical reactions to aid them in completing the lab.

On the front page students will see different ways to identify evidence of a chemical reaction. After having many students struggle on this activity and not complete all portions of the lab report for each station, I decided not to grade it and thought it would be more beneficial to go over it as a class.

I believe that many students struggled because they don't have the necessary background knowledge to tie all aspects of the unit together. I only took one day to do this lab and I think it could have been spread out into two days by giving students a longer opportunity at each station.

Next time I perform this activity I will treat it more as a reinforcement lab than a assessment. This can be done by making sure each student understands important aspects of the reaction at every station, such as how to balance the chemical equation, what observations where used for evidence and how predict the product when necessary, before moving on to the next station.

The main goal of the last part of the class is to let students discuss the seven stations with their group and reflect upon their observations from each station. As they sitting with their groups I am walking around helping students predict the products and looking to see who had difficulty determining the type of reaction.

After performing this lesson for several years I have determined that this activity is very difficult for basic chemistry students, only having a limited amount of chemistry knowledge.

I find that it requires them to be able to synthesize a years worth of chemistry and apply it to a relatively new concept of predicting products. Having students predict the product is the inquiry portion of the lesson is not meant to be weighted as the main objective of the lesson.

My expectation for students is to mainly have them see that many of the products in our reactions are gases and can't be seen. So mass is conserved even if the products present in the reaction vessel weigh less than the reactants or more in the case of the magnesium burning.

If students have difficulty predicting products, I do not deduct points as long as effort to predict them has been put forth.Write the balance equation for this reaction, including the state of matter for each reagent. 2Mg(s) + O 2 (g)->2MgO(s) + energy Which type of reaction (of the 5 major types) is this?

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