Master thesis sustainable development uppsala

My academic interests include: What is the future we want?

Master thesis sustainable development uppsala

Our courses in alphabetical order: Advanced Study of Anthropological Theory 7.

Master thesis sustainable development uppsala

This course approaches anthropological theories from three perspectives: Historically, the course explores some of the key problems to which modern social and cultural anthropology emerged as a response. Thematically, we focus on major theories and debates that have informed anthropological inquiry.

Finally, the course exemplifies how anthropologists revisit and remediate classical theoretical discussions in their analytical work today. The objective of the course is to provide in-depth knowledge and insights regarding one or more key debates in contemporary cultural anthropology and related developments in anthropological theory, method and ethnography.

What are the specific contributions of a medical anthropological approach to carrying out research within a biomedical context, in the global north and the global south? Health, illness and medicine are ubiquitous in contemporary public debates, but are rarely investigated critically.

We will examine the challenges medical anthropologists face in research collaborations with public health, international health organisations, and medical professionals. However, some borders are more visible than others due to the way they are designed. Some borders operate more heavily than others due to their distinctive material qualities and some are more lethal than others because of the way they operate.

Master thesis sustainable development uppsala

Some borders operate not only to repress but to produce different kinds of subject, wealth and capital, and they do so due to their specific design and materiality.

This interdisciplinary course takes you to an inquiry of and intervention in the materiality of the geopolitical, urban and technological borders of the contemporary.

The aim of this course is to discuss and practice ethnography and other anthropological methods. During this ten week course we combine practical exercises with reading texts about research methodology.

After the course you will in a comprehensive way know how to do ethnography and appreciate its endless possibilities. At the same time, it has been quite slow engaging in dialogues with policy makers and practitioners.

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Using anthropological tools, how can we help the fight against ethnic segregation, social exclusion and outright racism? How do we discover and improve methods while contributing perspectives that strengthen a culturally diverse society?

In this course the 'eco-cosmologies' of indigenous peoples are compared to the ecological paradigms of Western science. Contemporary case studies serve to illustrate ongoing contests for stewardship over resources, and as background to discussing modern buzzwords such as 'sustainable development' and to debating the Tragedy of the Commons model.

Political Ecology, is a rapidly growing cross-disciplinary field of study which merges human ecology, political economy, critical geography, philosophy of science, and anthropology in order to grasp the interactions between society and nature in all their complexity.

The course will introduce you to the foundations and the latest theoretical perspectives and research methods of this broad field of scholarly practice.Welcome to the programme page of the Master Programme in Sustainable Development! Are you interested in joining the master programme in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University?

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Master Thesis at Mälarenergi AB and Uppsala vatten AB and Avfall AB. Experienced Product Development Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the plastics industry.

Skilled in compounding of. Semester 1 Introduction to Sustainable Development, 5 credits (1MV) Main field(s) of study and in-depth level: Sustainable Development A1N. MSc in Science for Sustainable Development, credits MSc Science for Sustainable Development is a two-year, full-time study programme that provides a strong basis for a career related to sustainable development and environmental change.

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