The power point

The circuit is based on LM positive and LM negative voltage regulators. LM series of adjustable 3 terminal regulator is capable of supplying in excess of 1. Power Supplies A constant current source source can supply a fixed current to a load regardless of input voltage or load change. The LM is quite useful as a constant current source, works on a wide input voltage range, from 3V up to 40V.

The power point

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The power point

Find special offers in the app. Feb 12, • Bug fixes Aug 15, /5(K). This project is a solution to power up most of devices or projects requiring dual (+/-) adjustable power supply.

The circuit is based on LM positive and LM negative voltage regulators. Entergy Corporation is an integrated energy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations. Visit for more info. Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Blogosearch Designed to integrate easily into smart-grid communications networks Employs the same easy-to-use features of previous Cooper Power series regulator controls Multi-phase option to operate 2 or 3 regulators provides a single point for SCADA communications Supported by ProView NXG software for fast and simple programming Product support and expertise that is unmatched in the industry Lower training costs The CL-7 control employs the same easy to use features of previous CL controls. It utilizes most of the same function codes and all of the same easy-to-use interface features.
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