This land is mine this land is me

I never believed a rat could do that job. They really are pampered. Apopo works with African giant-pouched rats, which typically weigh between 2 and 3 pounds, and are highly intelligent with an acute sense of smell. The roughly nine-month training process begins when the rats are just old enough to open their eyes, around 5 weeks old.

This land is mine this land is me

Use[ edit ] Land mines were designed for two main uses: To act as passive area-denial weapons to deny the enemy use of valuable terrain, resources or facilities when active defense of the area is not desirable or possible. Land mines are currently used in large quantities mostly for this first purpose, thus their widespread use in the demilitarized zones DMZs of likely flashpoints such as CyprusAfghanistan and Korea.

As ofthe only governments that still laid land mines were Myanmar in its internal conflictand Syria in its civil war. Explosive land mines were used in by the Chinese during the Song dynasty against an assault of the Mongolswho were besieging a city in southern China. The invention of this detonated "enormous bomb" was credited to one Lou Qianxia of the 13th century.

These mines are mostly installed at frontier gates and passes. Pieces of bamboo are sawn into sections nine feet in length, all septa in the bamboo being removed, save only the last; and it is then bandaged round with fresh cow-hide tape.

Boiling oil is next poured into the tube and left there for some time before being removed. The fuse starts from the bottom of the tubeand black powder is compressed into it to form an explosive mine. The gunpowder fills up eight-tenths of the tube, while lead or iron pellets take up the rest of the space; then the open end is sealed with wax.

A trench five feet in depth is dug for the mines to be concealed.

This land is mine this land is me

The fuse is connected to a firing device which ignites them when disturbed. At Augsburg ina German military engineer by the name of Samuel Zimmermann invented an extremely effective mine known as the Fladdermine.


It consisted of a fougasse or later, sometimes a shell fougasse, that is, a fougasse loaded not with stones but with early black powder mortar shells, similar to large black powder hand grenades activated by a snaphance or flintlock mechanism connected to a tripwire on the surface.

Combining the effects of a tripwire activated bounding fragmentation mine with a cluster bombit was devastating to massed attackers but required high maintenance due to the susceptibility of black powder to dampness.

Consequently, it was mainly employed in the defenses of major fortifications, in which role it continued to be used until the s. Known in French as fougassethe term is sometimes still used in the present day to describe such devices.

This technique was used in several European wars of the eighteenth century, the American Revolutionand the American Civil War. The first modern mechanically fused high explosive anti-personnel land mines were created by Confederate troops of Brigadier General Gabriel J. Rains during the Battle of Yorktown in As a Captain, Rains had earlier employed explosive booby traps during the Seminole Wars in Florida in Many of these designs were improvised in the field, especially from explosive shells, but by the end of the war nearly 2, standard pattern "Rains mines" had been deployed.Kongregate free online game Mine Land - very addictive, try to get through each level without hitting the mines.

if you hit a mine you. Play Mine Land. The down side of the use of land mines is they remain in the field long after the conflict is over, making them dangerous for those living in the country. The Ottawa Treaty was established by the United Nations and is a treaty agreeing to clear all land mines and destroy any stockpile of mines.

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This land is mine this land is me

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